50 Self Care Ideas

It's Self Care Awareness Month, and the Lord knows Google and social media is filled with thousands of blogs and posts explaining what self care actually is versus what society likes to tell us it is.


So, instead of explaining to you what self care is, I'm going to share with you 50 self care ideas you can easily begin to implement this month and moving forward.

50 Self Care Ideas

  1. Take a day off from work to rest

  2. Create a night routine that supports decompressing

  3. Schedule a baby sitter so you can go on a date night

  4. Plan out the week ahead

  5. Buy a planner

  6. Prep food at the beginning of the week

  7. Wash your sheets

  8. Brush your teeth right after dinner versus when you're more tired and in result just hopping into bed

  9. Outsource any tasks that you can't seem to get done yourself

  10. Communicate your feelings with someone that is bringing you any negative emotions

  11. Buy a book in an area you are struggling in- For example, a book on leadership

  12. Set boundaries around your phone usage

  13. Set your phone across the room if you are struggling to go to sleep without it

  14. Identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your potential and begin to work through them

  15. Do a social media dump- unfollow anyone that negatively effects your life

  16. Create a routine to move your body each day

  17. Invest your time, energy, and even money in your health and wellness

  18. Schedule any appointments you are behind on (doctor, dentist, gyno)

  19. Begin to say "no"

  20. Spend time with people that encourage and challenge you to be better

  21. Find a community that supports your values

  22. Get outside for 15 minutes a day (Texas heat... if you could kindly eff off. Thanks.)

  23. Organize your work space

  24. Communicate your needs in your relationship

  25. Challenge and explore your beliefs

  26. Weekly journaling to stay connected to yourself

  27. Meditate, pray, affirm, manifest

  28. Find resources that improve your mental health if struggling

  29. Create intentional time to be by yourself

  30. Purge clothes that don't fit you anymore

  31. Practice breathing techniques

  32. Create a morning routine that decreases any negative feelings (anxiety/frustration)

  33. Begin to work out the logistics to leave a career that is negatively effecting your mental health

  34. Be creative- doodle, sing, dance, paint

  35. Find a podcast that improves your daily life

  36. Take a new workout class with a friend

  37. Buy eucalyptus spray for the shower

  38. Wear a favorite outfit that makes you feel good at least once a week

  39. Give yourself permission to eat the cake- even if you haven't worked out that day

  40. Learn about something new that you've been curious about

  41. Get a massage if you feel physical tension in your body

  42. Write 3 things you are grateful for each day

  43. Write down one thing you love about yourself each day

  44. Vent into your voice memo app and then delete it

  45. Remove toxic things to make room for the things you are wanting in life

  46. Start therapy

  47. Practice mindfulness

  48. Practice raising your awareness around your thoughts

  49. Challenge your negative thoughts and replace with new ones

  50. Practice staying in the present

Cheers to improving our mental and physical health!


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