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Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Did you know the health and wellness industry is a $4.2 trillion…hold on let me say that again…TRILLION dollar industry? No wonder it’s hard for us to create some healthy habits! I mean, DANG, can someone just simply tell me what to do? We’ve got ads popping up left and right on all social media platforms influencing us on how to lose weight, what “healthy” looks like, etc.

Before I started my health and wellness journey, I was completely lost as to how to take care of myself. I am someone that needs to be told straight up what to do. If we’re keeping things simple, I am good to go! Over the course of my journey, I started to fall in love with the process of finding what works for me. What did it come down to? The simple things. The simple and sustainable daily habits that I continued to build. Before I continue with this topic,

I would love to share a little bit of my story with you below in hopes that we can connect.


A little over two years ago I was living in a constant state of chaos.

Let me paint a picture for you. Maybe you can relate.

After work I would run straight to the wine and couch. My brain was constantly fried. My stomach was either in pain from emptiness or overeating. My energy levels were flatlining. I had lost all passion and drive for my career as a teacher. I left people on “read” for days. I dreaded Sundays and hated Mondays. I had no energy to love on and care for my husband (then boyfriend). I would lie to my friends about buying busy on Friday nights, because I was simply too overwhelmed and tired. I was pouring all of my energy into my students or others. My anxiety was a daily battle that I never won. I would eat out for every meal. I would buy boxed wine (That’s 4 bottles) and it easily found its way, empty, in the trash by the end of the week.

I. was. done.

I knew I had to make a change but had no idea where to start! So, where did I end up starting? Yoyo dieting and over working out- woof (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t work). Well, things ended up getting even worse for me. When I didn’t see the results I wanted (At that time my definition of “health” was simply losing weight), I got back on my Adderall medication. Yes, I knew that the medication actually helped my ADD, but I also knew it suppressed my appetite. I knew exactly what I was doing, even though it took me years to admit it to myself.

Fast forward a few months later and I couldn’t get out of bed for almost a week. My body was weak, but my mind was weaker. I will never forget my husband coming in to the room and telling me, “You need to quit your job. Things have got to change”. Maybe getting called out is exactly what I needed to make a shift. After all, I am a people pleaser by nature. That night I made the internal decision that I would be quitting teaching after that year…even though I had no idea what I was going to do. Changing my habits seemed overwhelming, and I knew it would take work, so naturally I stalled. Let’s fast forward a few months.

Unfortunately, things hadn’t really changed in my my life. I was holding on to the idea that because I made one small step towards change (deciding to quit my job), that I was good! I wasn’t good, and it took a devastating life event for me to finally cut the bullshit, forever. Four days before my husband and I got married, one of my best friends unexpectedly passed away a week after having her sweet baby, Liam. I don’t remember the day or following days very well, as I unconsciously blocked out most memory of it, but what I do know is that it was the day everything in me shifted. What in four days was going to be a day full of anxiety over how skinny I would look in my dress turned into the most beautiful, true celebration of love and life that had nothing to do with my toxic thoughts. It’s like someone finally slapped the shit out of me and said, “This is not about you anymore, Kendall. Celebrate your body- the one that gives you the ability to dance today”. I was alive, and I was marrying my best friend. I was humbled at the simplicity and yet magnitude of my blessings.

I felt a fire in me the day my friend passed. A fire that would forever burn my toxic lifestyle to the ground.

Since then, I have woken up every single day feeling grateful to simply breathe. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to learn new habits. I feel grateful to be given another day to be a better wife and friend. If I can emphasize anything to you right now it is to not wait for a life to be lost in order for you to start to live. I wish so badly that wasn’t the event that turned my life around, but it did. And I am forever thankful for the impact she made on my life. She continues to impact and guide my journey every single day.

I love you, Dom.


Okay, back to the “simple things”! Let me break this down for you in the best way I know. When kids go to Kindergarten, they are introduced to the wonderful world of reading. Do we expect them to be able to confidently read a chapter book the first day? I hope to God not! Teachers know that it will greatly benefit their students to be able to read, but the student doesn’t always right away. They may just see it as something that is hard. So, what do teachers do? They start with the building blocks of reading; phonics, sight words, how to hold a book, and much more. Do the students throw away the things they’ve learned about phonics after a year of practice? Nope! They continue to slowly build on what they know works for them. And after months/years of practice and support, it is assumed that the child will be a fluent, confident life-long reader.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Health is the same exact concept. We know being healthy is beneficial, just like it is to be able to read. But we aren’t going to get healthy with the snap of a finger or a 7 day juice cleanse. We have to start with the building blocks. If we expect our lifestyle to change overnight, in a week, or even a year, we are fooling ourselves. We have to take one step at a time, and we have to keep it simple.

In my blog, I will be sharing with you simple habits, tools, recipes, and more that have helped me transform my life from chaos to harmony. My hope is to create a space that will help you take the steps towards your health journey in a simple, sustainable way. My hope is that I get to hear your story one day too.

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