Stop Using Pinterest to Find Recipes

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

I know I'm about to share a bold statement, but just trust me on this one.


*waits for you to stop freaking out from wondering how you will ever know what to cook*

Hear me out! Have you ever searched Pinterest for recipes and had any or all of the following situations happen to you?

- You click on an image that looks AMAZING and the link takes you to an "error" page.

- You click on an image and it brings you to a blog post that is mostly about that person's day and not about the recipe (Cue scrolling down 23 pages until you finally reach the recipe).

- You click on an image only to find 1,235 ads popping out at you. Don't even get me started on the little "x" that is impossible to find on each ad.

If you've ever dealt with any of those situations, keep reading. I gotchu.

Do you ever just keep doing something, even if it frustrates you every single time? That's how my relationship with Pinterest recipes started to be. I knew I would get annoyed searching for recipes on there, but I continued to do it anyways. It got to the point where I would start making up my own recipes, which honestly became a blessing in disguise. I'm obsessed with creating recipes now and love to share them with you all. BUT I am fully aware that most people want something quick and easy, including myself from time to time. I finally decided to do a little brainstorming. How can I make this easier on myself and others?

The answer: Recipe Apps

Sounds like a pretty simple solution right? is! I'm not exactly sure why I had never tried different ways to find recipes in the past, but this has been the best recipe finding shift. No more ads, long ass blog posts (I am fully aware I, myself, am now creating long ass blog posts but they will NEVER include recipes), or "error" pages.

So now you're asking yourself, "What are the best apps to get?". I did the dirty work for you, and I'm sharing my top 3 favorite FREE recipe apps and a few highlights from each!

1. Yummly


+ Asks about diets, allergies, dislikes, and cooking skill level when you create an account

+ Includes ingredient recognition- hold your camera up to an ingredient that you have and it will discover recipes to make that include that exact ingredient

2. Tasty


+ Can add recipes to a list and they will organize a shopping list for you

+ Find recipes based on the ingredients you already have at home

3. BBC Good Food (Their webpage has some popup ads, but their app does not have ads)


+ You can save your favorite recipes and/or create collections

+ Many different categories such as vegan, quick and easy, family and kids, etc.

There ya go! I hope that these apps can help finding recipes a much easier process for you. After all, who has time to look for recipes when you're hungry? Let's get to cookin'.


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