The Seven Deadly Sins of Goal Setting

This blog post is for you if:

- You've never been able to follow through with your goals

- You don't know where to start when creating goals

- The goal creation process seems overwhelming

- You're ready to set some goals for yourself

In this post, I'm going to share with you the "Seven Deadly Sins of Goal Setting". These are the top 7 mistakes people make when trying to create goals. I'm going to share with you what they are as well as what you want to do instead.


This is when the goals or desires that we have for ourself stay stuck in our mind. You may think of them often, but considering the mind has an average of 6,000 thoughts per day, it's pretty easy to lose focus of them. Your "goal thought" can get lost inside of the craziness that is our mind.

Until you write down your goals into the physical space, your goals are simply thoughts.

There is something truly powerful about putting our thoughts out into the physical space.

What to do:

- Write your goals down. This can be on anything physical! Journal, computer, phone, etc.

- Write down what you want, NOT what you don't want. (Example: I want to find a career that makes me happy VS I don't want to be stuck in a job I hate anymore)

- Write it somewhere you will see daily. This supports accountability and commitment.


Having unclear motives means that you do not know the true "why" behind your goal/s.

Your "why" is your motivation, and what you value breathes life into your goals. If you don't know your why or the things you value, you will most likely being trying to accomplish a goal that does not align with what you really want and who you truly are. Without defining your motive, you invite the feeling of unfulfillment into your life.

What to do:

- Identify the things that you value (Click to take the Valued-Living Questionnaire)

- Identify your "WHY" aka your "Life Vision"

- Journal Prompts:

- What is it I want to be remembered for?

- What does personal success look like to me?

- What is my purpose?

- Reflect on your goals and make sure they align with your values and your "why".


Setting unrealistic goals comes from heightened negative emotions. These heightened negative emotions produce extreme goals that may not be realistically possible at the moment. Do I believe I can accomplish anything? Yes. But do I believe I can accomplish anything right now? Nope. This is where short term goals come in to play. This right here is why short term attainable goals are KEY to our success.

What to do:

- Get clear with your goals. Are they measurable? Have I identified the how? Do I have a clear plan that will support this goal as well as indicators that will let me know if I need to shift focus?

- Make sure you have resources that you know will support you in this goal

- Reflect on your goals. Is there an extreme goal being formed from a place of heightened negative emotion?


How do we get to our destination in a car? Most of us probably use the maps app on our phone to guide us to our destination. We are given a clear set of directions.

Shout out to anyone that use to print out MapQuest directions. I can feel the anxiety of not taking the correct turn like it was yesterday.

How do we reach a goal? We must create a road map that has a clear set of directions. We need this order to stay focused and stay on track with our goal. Without direction, we open up opportunity for confusion, "quitting", and ultimately failure.

What to do:

- Create action steps with measurable target dates

- Take the time to figure out the resources you need and the steps you need to take in order to be successful

- Talk with people that have accomplished this goal before you and ask about the steps the took


This may seem obvious, but when you don't take action, nothing changes. Not taking action is one of the BIGGEST red flags that something is not aligning within your goal setting. There is always a reason we quit or stop doing something, but it's never because we are not capable.

What do do:

- Identify any limiting beliefs that may be causing fear around your goal/s

- Create affirmations that support your limiting beliefs

- Reflect on your goal/s and make sure it aligns with your "why" and your values.


Losing focus is a direct effect of having unclear motives. Some people call it being unmotivated. I call it being unaligned. You are not lazy. You're just not aligned with your goal/s. When we have unclear motives, our goals are meaningless.

Meaningless goals = A waste of your time.

What to do:

- When you start to lose focus, identify why that is happening. Figure out if you are still aligned to this goal. If you are not aligned to this goal- MOVE ON. There is a difference between walking away from a goal because it does not align with you and quitting.


This one if pretty self explanatory. Many people do not follow through with what they say they are going to do. There are many different reasons this happens, but I'm going to keep it simple for ya.

What to do:

- Read #1-#6 of the Deadly Sins of Goal Setting

So, which one of these deadly sins do you need to work on?

Wanting to dive even deeper into creating some new habits? Wanting some accountability?

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