What is The "FLAWD" Mindset?

Have you ever thought of or created something that made you go...


Well I've had less than a handful of those moments in my (t-minus 52 days until) 30 years of life, but The "FLAWD" Mindset is one of them. To me, "good stuff" is anything that I believe has high potential to greatly benefit others. That being said...this right here is good stuff.

So, what is The "FLAWD" Mindset?

The "FLAWD" Mindset is a set of five common mental barriers that limit us from our full potential. These barriers can result in a lack of confidence, decrease in opportunity and change, increase in anxiety/overwhelm/anger, and much more. It's important to address and work through these barriers if you want to have a healthier mindset and in return create a better life.

Within my first year of mindset coaching and cognitive behavioral therapy, these five mental barriers came up the most with my clients. That being said, I feel that there would be other people that want to work through these as well. So, let's take a look at them. If you feel connected to any of them, this barriers might be something you would want to work through yourself.

What are the five mental barriers?

1. Fear

An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely

to cause pain, or a threat.

2. Limiting Beliefs

Negative thoughts and opinions that one believes about themselves preventing them from

pursuing what they want and who they want to be.

3. All or Nothing

A cognitive distortion where you think in extremes resulting in an inability to see the solutions to a problem. A cognitive distortion is an assumption that we make without considering the full picture. Perfectionists tend to have an all or nothing mindset.

4. The Waiting Game

The idea that the world or someone owes you something in order to feel complete or worthy. This often causes someone to have a victim mentality.

5. Desire vs Do

Living a life where you desire things more than taking action in order to make those desires a reality.

What I've found is that while most people are able to recognize that they have these mental barriers, they don't know where to start in tackling them. Not only have we not been equipped with the tools to navigate these invisible barriers (Something I believe needs to be highly integrated into the school system), but many people do not have the financial means to access the resources that are available. One of my first commitments to myself when I started this business was that I would create and offer resources that are reasonably priced but include high value that produce inner transformation. Which is exactly what I did with The "FLAWD" Mindset Ebook.

What is The "FLAWD" Mindset Ebook?

A workbook designed for you to identify and begin tackling the five FLAWD mental barriers through:

- 50 journal prompts

- 23 action steps/exercises

- 56 affirmations

- Over 100 examples, signs, and root causes

I also have a bundle option to buy the ebook as well as a 1:1 "moving forward " session for after you complete the ebook. In the session, you will be able to share your top mental barrier identified from the ebook, and together we will create a more in depth "moving forward" action plan specifically for you.

It's already meant so much to see you all buy the ebook and share with me what you are working on. My hope is that this workbook benefits you greatly and you begin to see true, inner transformation.

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