Are you done living on autopilot and ready to start being more present in your daily life? Then this mini digital course is for you! This course comes with:


- A 28 minutes coaching video that includes the explanation of 4 simple exercises to get you started in your journey of becoming more present

+ 18 pages of digital resources that includes trackers for those of you that would like to have a system to support you in implementing the 4 exercises.

+ 20 phone wallpapers that include affirmations and reminders about being in the present.

+ Email/DM access to me to support you in building a routine moving forward, if needed!


This mini digital course is a GREAT place to start for those of you that do not know how to begin shifting away from autopilot. It includes simple, sustainable exercises that will make a huge impact. 

Saying Goodbye to Autopilot & Hello to the Present

  • The coaching video is linked on Page #1 of the PDF file.