The "FLAWD" Mindset Ebook

The "FLAWD" Mindset Ebook


Do you feel like your mind is standing in your way from living the life that you desire? It's time to explore the mental barriers that are holding you back from taking the action you need in order to create the life that you want.


This 36 page digital workbook will support you in working through the 5 mental barriers of the "FLAWD" mindset; fear, limiting beliefs, all or nothing mindset, waiting game mindset, and desire vs do. I created this acronym based on the five most common mental barriers that my clients work through. This workbook is not only a space where you can identify your mental barriers but begin to work through them as well.


This 30 page ebook includes:

- 50 journal prompts

- 23 action steps/exercises

- 56 affirmations

- Over 100 examples, signs, & root causes of the mental barriers