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This is for women that desire to rewire their mindset as well as shift their habits in order to elevate every area of their life.

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Kendall’s intuition, tools and guidance helped me reach my goal of not letting my emotions “steer the ship”, if you will. I learned ways to cope with the peaks and valleys of emotions without feeling afraid of the emotions that naturally happen in life. As someone who lives with anxiety, Kendall helped me realize I am not my anxiety and emotions pass. She did not tell me how to think, but instead guided me and helped me come to my own conclusions, which really helped me build confidence in myself and the progress I made during our coaching sessions. Kendall is honest and straightforward, but also so empathetic. I feel more equipped to navigate life and the emotions that come with it – truly in control of my “ship”. I cannot thank her enough! - Leah F.

Kendall helped me so much in just a few months with our 1:1 coaching. She listened to my concerns, & the emotions I was having (fear, anxiety). She gave me tools to regulate my emotions & to take a step back, breathe, sit with what I was feeling/thinking, & let it go. She also guided me on weekly & long term goals. We worked on topics from work, day to day routines, and even touched on relationships. I looked forward to our weekly sessions. Kendall truly cares & is great at what she does. I feel like a more grounded  person since working with her. - Camille R.

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